Friday, December 09, 2005

Issue 5

Issue Five: Yesterday’s heroes: Part one:

Page one:

Panel one: We see an establishing shot of what appears to be an isolated country mansion:

Panel two: we see SS, sensei, Winter and Bones walking in an underground tunnel.

Winter: what is this place.

SS: It’s an old safe house that Impossible and I used.

Sensei: And you appropriated it after he left.

Bones: He means you stole it. Or used it in an illegal or improper fashion.

Panel Three: closeup of splitscreen:

SS: Yes, Thank you, Bones. After the revolution I signed on with the Imperial guard. I figured a steady paycheck would help me with my plans. I also used some parts from the old Justice Sphere.

Panel Four: Closeup of Bones:

Bones: He means that he stole some more parts.

Page Two:

Panel One: Closeup of Splitscreen:

Ss: Thank you again. Yes I stole from the Abandoned Justice Sphere.

Panel Two: closeup of Sensei.

Sensei; And what do you do with your ill-gotten gains.

Panel Three takes up the rest of the page.

We see an underground hangar with a small transport ship. I’m thinking of an updated look of Blue Beetles bug.

SS: This!!!!!

Page three:

Panel one; Closeup of the Bug.

SS: It’s state of the art. Stealth tech plus everything we got from Messenger and Mother-One. We can go to London in this.

Panel Two: Closeup of Bones:

Bones: and we will not be detected?

Panel Three: Closeup of SS.

SS: Stealth Tech, bozo. That means we can’t be detected. And it’s got a cloaking device.

Panel Four: Shot of Sensei.

Sensei: Have you ever used it?

Panel Five: we see SS and Winter:

SS: Nope.

Winter: I’m sure it will be fine. I believe in you.

Panel six: The Bug flies away

Page four:

Panel One: facial close p of the bug. SS is the pilot. Bones is in the co-pilot chair.

SS: Just don’t screw anything up.

Bones: I’ll let you do that.

Panel two: Establishing shot of London.

Caption One: London.

Panel Three: All of them are in plain clothes walking down a London Street.

SS: I thought the Swaimi was dead.

Sensei: You were misinformed.

Bones: You must be used to that.

Sensei: His magical abilities have starved off the ravages of time.

Page Five:

Panel One: They enter a rundown flat in London.

SS: He lives here?

Sensei: A career as a crime fighter does not lead to pecuniary gain.

Bones: That means he’s broke.

SS: Will you just shut up.

Panel Two: sensei knocks on door.

Panel Three: We see the door and Sensei and hear a voice from the inside.

Swaimi: Go away.

Panel Four: We see the gang at he door.

Sensei: Karolin it’s me. Sensei.

SS: Karolin!?

Panel Five: We see the door and a voice.

Swaim: I know. Go away. I don’t wish to speak to you.

Panel six: Closeup of sensei.

Sensei; We’re coming in karolin.

Swaimi: I have a Spell of Protection around the door. No dice sensei.

Page six.

Panel one: Sensei kicks the door in.

Sensei: You Always were a sloppy magician.

Panel Two: Closeup of Swaimi.

Swaimi: Fine. Come in then. But state your business and be gone.

Panel Three: a page wide panel showing Swaimi’s cluttered, unkept apartment.

Swaimi: It’s not much. I know. But what do you expect on a magician’s salary.

Panel four: Closeup of Sensei:

Sensei: We need your help Karolin. We need to restore Steven.

Panel five: closeup of the Swaimi:

Swaimi: Oh No. You won’t involve me in any of your superheroics. You know what it cost me, Sensei. It cost me Alice.

Panel Six. We see Sensei and the Swaimi. The Swaimi has the phone next to his ear.

Sensei: What are you doing?

Swaimi: Turning you in. There’s probably a reward and I want no trouble.

Page seven:

Panel one: Winter is taking the phone from the swaimi.

Winter: I’ll take that.

Swaimi: Oh it doesn’t work anyway. I haven’t paid the bill in ages. It’s just for show.

Panel Two: Back to Sensei:

Sensei: Will you help us, Karolin. If we restore Steven. Maybe, just maybe, we can find Impossible.

Panel Three: Sot of SS and Sensei:

SS: Impossible! He’s back.

Sensei: perhaps/

Panel Four: We see, Sensei, SS and the Swaimi.

SS: Come on man. If we get the Doc back, we could overthrow the Triumvurate. And look at this place what have you got to lose.

Swaimi: My friend is gone Sensei. I haven’t seen him in years.

Sensei: We don’t need him. Just you.

Panel five:

The bug flies away over London.

Page eight:

Panel One: They are all in the Bug.

Sensei: You’re Sly’s kid.

SS: Yeah. Did you know him?

Sensei: We were in the Council together.

SS: I wish I could have known him when he was young……… I wish I could have known him at all.

Panel Two: Closeup of the Swaimi.

Swaimi: Do you really want to know him:

Panel Three: closeup of SS:

SS: Oh yeah.

Panel Four: Back to the Swaimi.

Swaimi:Well, listen up. I’ll tell you about our first meeting.

Panel Five: We see Bones and SS;

Bones: Go ahead. I’ll take over the stick. It may take a while for him to explain it to you in a way you would understand.

SS: We’re gonna have a talk, big man. Real soon, just you and me.

Page Nine:

Panel one: We get an establishing shot of Corridor City, circa 1955.

Swaimi: It was 1955. The doc had called me in with him to a special meeting in police headquarters.

Panel One: We see Doc, the Whisperer and the Swaimi standing in a room. The Doc is wearing his classic costume with the I in the middle.

Swaimi: I still don’t see why you need me Impossible.

DOC: Apparently we have a situation of a somewhat mystical nature.

Whisperer: You better be as good as advertised, gypsi.

Panel Two: We see King MOB; Our version of the Kingpin, escorted in by two cops and Captain Brady.

DOC: You have King Mob, Captain. That’s great news.

CAP Brady: Actually no. He ‘s in protective custody.

Whisp: King Mob. He needs the coppers to protect him. That’s the funniest thing I heard all day.

KING: Can it kid. You don’t know what I been through. You don’t know about Henry Grimes.

Panel Three: a shot of Doc:

DoC: Who’s Grimes?

Panel four: Shot of King Mob.

King Mob: One of my capos. You see it all started a few weeks ago….

Page 10.

Panel one: We see King Mob in bed with a women.

KING MOB: You see I had been getting a little familiar with Grimes wife. He was supposed to be out of town..

Panel two: Grimes walks in.

King Mob: He came home early.

Panel Three: MoB walks by an upset Grimes.

MOB: I guess he was a little upset. But he was smart. He knew to leave me alone.

Panel Four: We see Grimes choking his wife.

MOB: His wife. She wasn’t so lucky.

Panel Five: We see Grimes and his is wife dead on the floor.

MOB: I guess maybe he snapped. For a mobster, he was a bit off a religious guy

Page 11.

Panel One: We see Grimes shoot two more mobsters.

MoB: Anyway, he started taking out my guys. One by one.

Panel Two: A captured Grimes is walked through King Mob’s door.

MOB: I had to put an end to it.

Panel Three: King Mob. He is holding Grimes off of the ground choking him.

MOB: I understand he’d be upset. But he can‘t go about decimating my ranks.

Panel Four: Grimes is falling out a window into a river.

MOB: After I sent him home to the fishies. I thought it was the end of it.

Page 12.

Panel one: Shot of a changed Grimes holding two guns. He is now ORIGINAL SIN.

MOB: But a few weeks later he came back a changed man. He was calling himself Original Sin.

Panel two Closeup of Sin.

MOB: Had a crazy look on his face. And he was giving my men nightmares when he fought them. They was useless after he was done. It was like he had powers now.

Panel Three: closeup of Doc.

DOC: Could it be all of the pollutants you illegally dump in the river?

Panel FOUR: Closeup of DOC;

MOB: Wouldn’t know DOC. I’m just tryin’ to earn a living.

Panel Five: We see all of them.

Swaimi: What do you need us for?

MOB: Well you see, I or We’s got a problem. Grimes is holed up in one my warehouses with some men he’s converted.

DOC: And?

MOB: He’s got five pounds of weapons grade uranium.

Panel six: We see Doc and Mob

Doc: And how’d he get that.

MOB: Couldn’t tell ya.

Page 13

Panel one: We see them all together.

DOC: Give me the address.

Swaimi: I don’t know Impossible. I mean 5 pounds of Uranium. What can any of us hope to do?

Whisperer: Stop cryin’ Gypsi. We gotta stop that nut.

Swaimi: You’re such a sweet child.

Panel Two: All of them:

DOC: Are you coming, MOB:

MOB: I think I’ll stay right here with the boys in blue.

Whisperer: We don’t need him.

Panel Three: Establishing shot of a rundown warehouse.

Caption: Later that night.

Pages 14 and 15

We get a two page spread of DOC, whisperer and Swaimi go through a skylight on a roof of a warehouse.

Caption One: The Swaimi just needs more confidence. He’s never been the same since the omnivore.

Caption two: I don’t see what the Doctor sees in this third rate magician.

Caption three: I know what the Kid is thinking.What could the great Dr. Impossible need with a third rate magician.

The next three captions are on the other page.

Caption One: Impossible> He’ll come through. He always does.

Caption two: Whisperer> I’m gonna have to step up my game to cover for this guy.

Caption Three: Swami> Can I still do it? Can I?

Page 16

Panel One: We see Original sin confront Impossible:

SIN: Welcome Impossible. I see you brought some helpers with you.

Panel Two: We see Whisperer and the Swaimi.

Whisperer: We’re more than helpers, psycho.

Swaimi: That’s right. Please don’t hurt me.

Panel Three: Closeup of Sin.

Sin: Oh I won’t. I got what I came for. I needed a little radioactive boost for my powers. Send them home to mama boys.

Panel four: Three of Sin’s henchman fire weapons.

Panel Five: Impossible flies in front of the men and deflects the bullets.

Page 17: Panel one: We see sin with three more henchman.

SIN: Let it loose boys. You can’t be everywhere Impossible, and eventually one of those bullets gets through.

Panel two: We see two guys with guns.

Henchman1: Hey, what’s that. Did you hear something?

Henchman 2: No nothing.

Panel Three: We see Whisperer choke one of the henchman.

Whisperer: Nothing but a whisper!!!

Henchman: ARRGH!

Panel four: We see the other henchman:

Henchman: Hey, Johnnie!!!!

Panel five. The whisperer has wrapped his arm around the mouth of the henchman.

Whisperer: Be quite Frankie: Very Quiet.

Panel six: We see the Whisperer drag him off.

We hear a shrieking scream.

Page 18

Panel one: Another heanchman fires at the swaimi:

Henchman: You’re dead raghead

Swaimi: Not really. A simple spell. Ferrous Inverneous.

Panel Two: Bullets go through swaimi.

Panel Three; back to the Henchman and Swaimi.

Henchman: Those bullets went right through you.

Swaimi: That’s right. And they didn’t hurt a bit. Can’t say the same about you, old chap.

Panel four: We see the Henchman with bullet holes bleeding.

Henchman: Hey, I don’t feel so good.

Panel Five:The man falls. We see the swaimi.

Swaimi: What a waste.

PaNEL SIX. We SEE Sin and Doc.

Sin: Okay, Impossible. Just you and me. Mano a Mano.

DOC: Do your worst Sin.

Page 19.

Panel One:

We see Sin whack Doc.

SiN: Oh I will. And we’re both gonna learn something.

Panel Two: Doc Hits back:

Doc: You’re strong Sin. I’m not sure where you’re channeling that power from…..

Panel Three:

Sin throws some dust at Doc:

SIN: I paid the price for this power.

Panel Four: He grabs Doc from behind. His hands are on Doc’s face.

Sin: what’s your greatest Sin Doc?


Panel Five. Doc is on his knees. Sin behind.

Sin: Well that was something. Something I didn’t expect.

Doc: You’ll pay for that Sin.

Page 20:

Panel One: Doc throw Sin over his shoulder.

DOC: You see. I have a healing factor.

Panel Two: Impossible punches him in the gut.

DOC: and you don’t

Panel Three: Doc Kicks Sin in the gut.

Doc: You get tired.

Panel four: Doc Picks Sin Up.

Doc: And I don’t

Panel five: Doc throws sin into a wall.

Doc: Let’s see your toxin induced powers help you now.

Page 21.

Panel one: we see Swaimi, Doc and Whisperer

Swaimi: What happened to you?

Doc: I saw a vision. Just a vision. But he’s definently got some kind of supernatural booster.

Panel two: The whisperer has Sin tied up;

Whisperer: I got him doc.

Panel Three: doc and the Swaimi.

Doc: This is what I needed you for, Karolin.

Swaimi: If you insist.

Panel four: Whisperer and Doc.

Whisperer: what’s he gonna do?

Doc: You’ll see.

Panel five: Swaimi grabs Sin from behind on his face.

Swaimi: You who have preyed on the weak and defenseless. You who have given your soul to evil. Surrender it, Surrender it to me now!!!!

Panel Six: We see swaimi transform intp a demon.

Demon: Surrender it to the lord of vengenance.

Page 22

One page spread

We see a demon struggle with a demon that has arisen from Sin.

Page 23.

Panel one: we see the Swaimi exhausted.

Swaimi: It is over. The demon has been exorcised. It is my time to go.

Panel two: Doc and the Swaimi:

Doc: Thank you, Karolin

Panel Three: Swaimi and the Whisperer:

Swaimi: So you’re the new sidekick.

Whisperer: Yep. And I’m going to be the world’s greatest detective someday.

Panel Four: closeup of Swaimi:

Swaimi: Yes, I believe you will.

Panel 5: We are back in the present. We see the bug in the air.

Page 24

Panel one: We see SS and the Swaimi.

SS: Thank you, I was able to actually see that memory through your eyes.

Swaimi: You’re welcome. He was a fine man.

Panel Two: We see Bones.

Bones: We’re back in Corridor City. We’re ready to land.

Panel Three: We see SS.

SS: Where are we going.

Panel four: we see Sensei.

Sensei: You’ll see.

Panel five: The whole group is standing in front of an old folks home.

SS: Who or what is here.

Sensei: The answers.

Roll credits.