Sunday, November 27, 2005

Issue one


The first page is a three panel page. Each panel is approx the same size across the page.

Panel 1:

We see an image of Dr. Impossible streaking across the blue sky. This should just be sky and clouds, perhaps, in this panel.


It’s been twenty four hours.

Panel 2:

Same pose of Dr. Impossible. The camera draws in tighter on his body and his body is what we primarily see.


Twenty four hours since he became irrelevant.

Panel 3:

Facial closeup of Dr. Impossible.

Twenty four hours since he decided to leave earth.


Another three panel page. Each one approx the same size.

Panel1: We see the outline of a mountain range.


23 hours ago.


Himalayan mountain range.

Panel 2:

Closeup of an individual mountain.


He came here first.

Panel 3:

Dr Impossible enters a crevice on the mountain.


Impossible Mountain.


His secret refuge.


Another three panel page. Our favorite. Each apprx the same size.

Panel 1:

We a jeep from the 1940’s, a German tank, a spaceship and display case with an egg in it. The sign in the case reads “The Last Dragon egg.” Feel three to throw other memorabilia in here. These are Dr. Impossible’s souvenirs.


23 hours ago.


Here amongst his relics.

Panel 2:

We see several statues of people and of one thing. The first statue of the first Dr. Impossible robot. There is a sign in it that reads Dr. Impossible 5.0. The second statue is of DR. Impossible 5.1. They should have different costumes. The third statue is of Gadget.(remember him from divinity fame.) The fourth item is the Impossible car.


What he made.

Panel 3:

We see four more display cases containing statues. The first one is of Kid Commando. There is sign that reads Honorable soldier. The second statue is of the Whisperer. There is a sign that reads Faithful partner. The third case contains his parents, Gene and Alice Impossible. The fourth case contains a statue of his grandfather Ira Impossible.


And what matters most.

Page four:

This is a six panel page. You can divide the panel sizes depending on the room that you feel you need.

Panel 1:

We see Dr. Impossible pouring himself a glass of wine.

We hear an off panel voice say:

Dialogue I: So you’re giving up.

Panel 2:

We see Dr. Impossible hand Sensei a glass of wine.

DR. IMPOSSIBLE: Giving up? Giving up would imply that I have something to lose.

SENSEI: This is not a reason to quit.

Panel Three:

DR. IMPOSSIBLE lights a cigarette.

DR I: I’m not quitting. They don’t want me anymore. They don’t need what I have to offer.

Panel Four:

Sensei and DR. I continue to talk.

SENSEI: Nonsense. They don’t know what’s best for them.

Dr I: I don’t know what’s best for them. (Pause) It’s over Sensei.

Panel Five:

Close up of Dr I. Packing a backpack. We don’t see what’s in there.

DR I: I’m closing up shop.

Panel Six:

We see Dr. Impossible push a button on a control panel.

DR I: I’m moving on. It’s time for you to go.

Page Five:

We see the mountain explode as Dr I. Flies away from the mountain and towards the camera.


Twenty Hours ago.

Page Six:

Four panel page. Two panels across the page and then two at the bottom.

Panel 1:

We see a shot of Corridor City.


He’s been alive for nearly a century. This city has been home for almost half of that time.

Panel 2:

We see an outside shot of the Justice Sphere.


He’s been a member of the Justice Council since World War II.


The Justice Sphere has been their headquarter for two decades.

Panel 3:

Dr. Impossible is now inside the sphere. He sees Splitscreen.


The man named Splitscreen has been his sidekick, teammate, and his ward.

Splitscreen: I can’t believe….( He is cut off)

Panel 4:

Closeup of Doc I. His face is angry.


Page seven.

This is a eight panel page. You can decide on the size to accomadate your needs.

Panel 1:

Close up of Doc I.

DOC I: You don’t deserve to wear the colors.

Panel 2:

A shot of Splitscreen.

Splitscreen:That’s not your decision.

Panel 3.

Back to Impossible. He’s getting more angry.

DR I: Yes it is. You’re done. I’m shutting you down.

Panel 4.

Back to Spitscreen. He’s defiant.

Spilitscreen : You’re not doing anything. Didn’t you hear, capes are wanted men now.

Panel Five.

A close up of DR I. He knows this fact and is irritated that Splitscreen pointed it out.

Panel Six.

Close up of Splitscreen. He knows he may have gone too far.

Splitscreen: Yeah, I guess you heard.

Panel seven.

Splitscreen hands Impossible his costume.

Splitscreen: Take it!

Panel 8:

We see a shot of Splitscreen from the back, walking away from Impossible.

Splitscreen: I’m done.

Page eight.

Three panel page.

First Panel:

We see a shot of farmland.

CAPTION 1: 16 hours ago.

Caption 2: Hope, Kansas.

Caption 3: When we’re leaving.

Panel two:

We see more more farmland and a big billboard that reads Hope, Kansas. Birthplace of DR. Impossible.

Caption 1:We always come back to where we started.

Panel 3:

We see a dilapidate farm house and two children, a boy and a girl playing by the farmhouse.

Sarah: Look Johnny, it’s him. Grandma said he’d come.

Page Nine

Yes, another three panel page.

Panel one

We see Dr I. Talking to the children.

DR I: I bet you’re Mindy Myers grandkids.

Johnny: Yes sir. She’s our great grandma.

Sarah: She’s been spectin’ you.

Panel Two:

Dr I. Flies to a nearby farmhouse.

Panel Three.

Dr. I approaches the porch of the farmhouse. Mindy Myers is already outside on the steps.

Mindy: You could have at least kept the place up you know.

Page ten.

Six panels.

Panel one:

Dr I and Mindy hug.

DR I: I never had time for farms Mindy. You know that.

Mindy:You didn’t have time for a lot of things.

Panel two:

Close up of Mindy.

Mindy: You didn’t have time for us.

Panel three

DR I and Mindy continue to talk.

DR I: No I guess I didn’t. The world needed Dr. Impossible.

Mindy: That’s bull honey!. You were never gonna stay here.

Panel four:

Shot of Mindy.

Mindy: You outgrew us. I think you might have outgrown the world.

Panel five:

DR I and Mindy.

DR I: Maybe so. I could never bear to sell the farm though. In many ways, it’s the last bit of family that I have.

Mindy: You’ll always have me.

Panel six:

They hug again.

Page eleven

Six panel page.

Panel one:

Dr I continues to talk to Mindy.

DR I: I was hoping you’d watch over the place for me.

Mindy: Haven’t I always. Where you going.

Panel two:

DR I and Mindy talk.

DR I: Somewhere else.

Mindy: When you comin’ back.

Dr I: I’m not.

Panel 3:

DR I and Mindy continue to talk.

Dr I: One last favor?

Mindy: Depends. What you askin’.

Panel four:

Dr I. Opens the backpack he took from his mountain and it reveals a small dog.

Mindy: My gosh. He’s the spitting image of Seamore.

Panel five:

Dr I and Mindy as the puppy is in Mindy’s lap licking her face.

DR. I: Seamore. Seventh generation actually. I was hoping you’d take him. He can’t come where I’m going.

Mindy: The kids will love him.

Panel Six:

They kiss goodbye.

Mindy: I’ll always love you Doc.

Dr I: I love you too, Mindy.

Page 12.

One page pinup of Doc I flying away with Mindy, the children and the dog looking at him from the farm.


12 hours ago.

Page 13.

A five panel page.

One panel on top, with two in the middle and two on the bottom.

Panel I:

We see a shot of Greece. Thinks statues the Acropolis etc.

CAPTION I: 10 hours ago.

CAPTION 2: Greece.

Panel 2:

Dr I is bowing before a statue of a female. It is a front view of Dr I bowing and all we see is the back of the statue.

Panel 3:

A greek man named Kolonos approaches Impossible.

Kolonos: People used to come to these gods and pray.

Panel 4:

Kolonos continues to talk to the bowed Impossible.

Kolonos: I guess people find new gods. Or at least gods who give them answers they like.

DR I: People are fickle.

Panel six.

Close up of Doc I:

DR I: Godhood is overrated.

Page 14:

The famous six panel grid.

Dr I and Kolonos talk by the statue.

DR I: You’ll protect this garden, my friend?

Kolonos: Of course.

Panel two:

Conversation continues.

DR I: It’s hard. When you stop aging and all of your friends grow old and die. I remember your grandfather during the war.

Kolonos: He spoke often of the man who came from the sky and saved his life.

Panel three:

Dr Impossible makes a small offering at the base of the statue. We don’t see what it is.

Kolonos:When are you coming back?

Dr I: Never!

Panel four:

Kolonos looks sad. A closeup.

Kolonos:I will miss you, my friend.

Panel five:

The camera draws closer to the base of the statue.

Dr I: Remember Kolonos, you swore.

Kolonos: I will do my duty.

Panel six.

We get close up of the item. It’s a wedding ring.

Page fifteen:

Three panel page.

First panel: This is an establishing shot of Washington D.C.

Caption 1: Five hours ago.

Panel Two: We see Doc I. Arrive at Arlington National Cemetary.

Panel Three: Doc I: He salutes the graves of his fallen comrades.

Page Sixteen:

A three panel page.

DR I is flying rapidly upwards through the sky.

CAPTION ONE: Ten seconds ago

Caption TWO: Just a little more speed and he’ll reach escape velocity.

Panel two:

Dr I has left orbit and we see the moon ahead of him.

CAPTION ONE: He Looks ahead.

Panel Three:

We see Impossible flying away with the earth in the background.

CAPTION 1: Never behind.







COLORED BY Jeraime Campbell


At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Arik tha Great said...

ok what happend to my comments? good job on this Gary, i'll continue to read the other 2 up now, and re-think my confusion on background of the story, sorry i didn't get your call last night derrick, i was fast asleep at that hour(recovery) Saturday night was a blast, had a booth with a revolving door of friends coming to sit with us, was fun as hell. 250 bucks down.

At 6:07 PM, Blogger DADICUS said...

Ba-JUSUS! you an ubsessive drinker LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Arik tha Great said...


an abusive drinker is someone who breaks the bottles after they finish a beer. ohh wait you said ubsessive which i'll take as obsessive, well maybe, i like to have my friends stopping by to have a drink and then continue with their own party at another table. it was still a fun night.

At 11:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

John D,

I just read script 1. Here are some comments. I really liked it, and where SMC is going. I'm just gonna say what I didn't think worked or didn't like. I liked the rest.

I think when Dr. I first sees Splitscreen and cuts him off with a yell I think that's a bad choice. First, because yells don't translate well in comic books. You can't hear the voice, all you can do is draw an angry head and a big word balloon. Second, Dr I is so powerful, it's like having your dad get mad. He doesn't yell, he just gives you a killer look.

Just for copyright reasons, I would consider that Dr I is VERY Superman. Even the idea that he's leaving, runs along with Superman Returns where he leaves, and is coming back to Earth. But having an Impossible Mountain, like the Fortress of Solitude. And having a hostory tied to a farm. I think it may be dangerous to be so close to Supes.

I think people don't always say what they think. Or what they mean. We say stuff that may be softer than what we had intended, or meaner, or whatever. Or sometimes we won't say at all. I think that when Mindy asks when Dr I will return, he doesn't have to say "I'm not coming back." He could say I don't know, or change the subject. THey would both know the answer but this way he doesn't have to say it. Like they both already know.

Same with the line where Mindy says you didn't have time for me/us. She doesn't need to say that. She already lets the audience know that, when she says "you didn't have time for a lot iof things" Trust me, people will get what she means.

When Dr I is talking to the man in the Greek Garden, like before, he doens't have to say "Never." He oculd lie, or give a look. It makes it more intereseting for the reader.

I think somehting that I feel is missing, are some stakes. Yeah, so Dr I is leaving, big deal. Hwy do we care. I think you need to show him leaving behind something important, or show the lonliness he's been dealing with, just so it's more of showing than us being told "why." I know he salutes at teh cemetary, and visits old friends. But what else can you show us so we think, "Fuck, if I was him, I'd leave to." We need to see thta sturuggle to decide to leave, so that when he does, we care about him.

Right now, I'm just thinking, "okay, here he goes, now in a few issues they're gonna beg him to come back, or he'll fly back when a big monster arrives, or return the hero." It's a little predictable.

Hope that helps. Now on to script 2.

BTW, Hey Arik. What's up man? How you been?



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